A Creative + Thoughtful Birthday Gift

Before I say anything else this morning, I have to get this out of the way. One of my friends pinned this on Pinterest, and I saw it last night. Maybe it was just the time of night (and I really needed to go to bed) but . . . I could not stop laughing. Just look at it.


I had tears running down my face. Then when I did get in bed, my poor husband was trying to sleep and I just kept laughing, seriously, for like five minutes straight. Then I kept trying to say “let’s eat ice cream” and that would just start me all over again. So, thank you, Pinterest, for making me laugh uncontrollably and making my husband think I’m completely psycho.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way . . . today I’m not sharing a new design or recipe, but one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. It was from my hubby, and it’s probably my favorite thing he’s ever gotten me. Besides my plaid winter coat. And my boots. Okay, so it’s up there on the list of things he’s gotten me. Top five for sure . . . (just kidding, Brett!)

The short story is that I really need a new Mac. The long version is that I entered college with no major — I had no clue in the world what I wanted to do with my life, and let’s be honest, most 18-year-olds have no idea. So I took my gen eds first semester. Then I took more second semester. By then I knew I needed to pick something. I loved my college and the friends I’d made, so I knew I wanted to stay no matter what. I went through the catalog so many times, narrowing down what I thought I wanted to do. I knew I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse, business major, or teacher. No way. I thought briefly about Communications, but when I realized that would mean a lot of speeches in my future, I pretty quickly scratched that from the list.

One of the only majors left on the list that sounded appealing was graphic design. But . . . I’d never really taken any art classes after middle school — my high school classes were filled with band and newsmagazine. I couldn’t draw (and still can’t). I didn’t even know much about what graphic designers did, besides seeing some projects a friend of my family’s had made. I was definitely unsure of everything at this point, but, funnily, my friends kept encouraging me to just go for it. They could see the potential in me even though I had no idea what that looked like. One of my unit mates even asked me almost every day in March and April if I’d gone to talk to the head of the graphic design classes yet. Finally, I came to the conclusion I just needed to jump into it. It was literally the only major on my list by this point. And I did.

That’s the long version of my story because I started college with a Dell laptop and no Adobe programs. I didn’t own a Mac until after I graduated! I just used my college’s computers the entire time, and I’m pretty sure I was the only one who did so. It was inconvenient at times, but it worked. The Mac I have now was a huge blessing in itself. The summer after graduation, I worked at the company I’d interned for every summer during college. A few weeks before my last day, the IT guys sent out an email informing everyone that the company was getting brand new Macs, and that there would be a silent auction on the old ones. This was my chance! I was getting married in a few weeks and couldn’t afford to spend money on a lovely new Mac, so I sent in my bid and was able to grab an older iMac. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten it when I did, but it’s starting to get extremely slow. It’s so old I can’t even get the most updated versions of the Adobe Creative Suite. Most new versions of everything (downloads, software, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) don’t work on it. And while I love having the iMac’s big screen to do design with, I’d love to get a MacBook Pro at this point. That way I can work from literally anywhere.

So, I’m saving up for a new Mac. I told Brett not to spend money for my birthday, because any extra cash we have I’m putting towards the computer. I refuse to take money out of our savings for it — I’m literally just using money from my design store, projects, and anything else to buy it. Knowing all of that, Brett made me this as a birthday present:

frontSeriously, how creative was he? I was planning to just shove cash in a container I hadn’t found yet. But he went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed this container, the lettering, and some burlap.

backIt was the perfect container to use. He even cut a slot in the top to slide money and gift cards into: top

No, it’s not perfect, but he spent about an hour trying to cut that thing. It feels like plastic, but once he started cutting, he realized it was aluminum or some type of metal that made it pretty difficult. (And yes, there’s a slot cut in the burlap as well.)

So there you go . . . a creative, thoughtful gift trumps something expensive any day, am I right?


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