A Matter of Discipline {+ Free Weekly Food Journal}

***UPDATE 11/11/2014: I’ve moved! My new site is www.lovecreatenourish.com, so anyone here from Pinterest can head over there! ūüôā


Did any of you make a New Year’s resolution? Have you already totally failed at keeping said resolution? Or maybe you’ve just been slacking off lately? Well, here’s your chance to jump back on the wagon. Who’s with me? Winter’s almost over, spring’s almost here (even though we’re supposed to get, you know, just a foot of snow tomorrow), and I say it’s time to make some new resolutions.


The great thing about resolutions is that they can be absolutely anything that will improve your life and lives of those around you. So what’s my new resolution? It’s simply to be more disciplined. It’s something I struggle with the most. No matter who you are, what age you’re at, or what life stage you’re in — everyone could use more discipline in some area. For me, it’s reading the Bible and praying¬†every morning. It’s making a to-do list of my design projects and checking them off the list. It’s blogging at least once a week (I’m so totally great at that, obviously). It’s researching and growing my online business. It’s keeping a record of my food intake (and improving my nutrition). It’s getting back in shape by exercising regularly.


Right now the most difficult parts for me are my food intake and exercising regularly. We don’t eat unhealthily over here, but we’re definitely not perfect. Two nights ago we had spaghetti and meatballs, last night we had enchiladas. For me, it’s all about portion sizes and having healthy foods alongside the higher-calorie foods, like a decent-sized spinach salad with the not-so-huge helping of spaghetti. We also never have junk food or pop around, and barely ever have cookies or brownies or other desserts in the house. The great thing about that is that those things are more of a treat when we’re at someone’s house, so it’s kind of a win-win situation. Except that I really have to watch myself with the goodies — I can just tell I have that “winter tire” going on, with too many sweets and rich foods at our families’ houses and not enough exercise.

A way I’m keeping myself accountable with food intake is by utilizing this weekly food journal:


Yes, I had a lot of fun designing this one, and made it gray to be easily printed and copied multiple times. Click here to download it for free!

Seriously, I think it helps so much to¬†see what food you’ve eaten, how much water you’ve drank, the amount of exercise you’ve done, and what effect is has on you. Even when I recorded my food for the first time last week, I could clearly see which days I didn’t drink as much water I should have. I was also a little congested and stuffy towards the end of the week, but the morning (Sunday) after eating homemade chicken broth (in potato soup) I felt almost 100% better, no joke. It’s little things like that where you might be able to see how your food and exercise habits relate to how you feel. Here’s what mine looked like last week:


As you can see, exercise totally fell by the wayside, as usual.¬†And to be honest, I haven’t really steadily exercised for almost a year now. It actually appalls me to write that, so it’s getting remedied now! I’ve just been lazy, that’s all there is to it. I mean, really, my husband has an exercise science degree, worked as a trainer for two years, and works with athletes in the weight room now . . . so I don’t have any excuses at all. My five-pound winter tire needs to disappear and I simply want to be back in shape, so Brett made me a little workout program for three days a week to start. Absolutely anyone can do it, no matter how overweight or out of shape you are, but the hardest part is actually¬†doing¬†it. Just thirty minutes of exercise three times a week to start. It’s so simple.

Anyone else want to join? I’m going to keep myself accountable on here so I have no excuses. If you want, click the link above to download my food journal free! Keeping track of your food intake can help¬†so much, and hopefully exercise will follow. Discipline in all areas of life is so important.