Coffee Is . . . Print

Are you completely, totally addicted to coffee? Multiple cups a day? Black? Sugar? Creamer? I’m what you might call a part-time coffee drinker. I have family members and friends who drink it all day long, day in and day out. I do love coffee (with decent amounts of cream and sugar, thanks for asking), but not five-cups-a-day love. I actually only buy it when we have company, because Brett doesn’t like it and I don’t want to waste money on coffee for myself. And honestly, coffee is more of a treat when I do get to drink a cup, because that normally means I’m with a friend or at my parents’ house in Ohio or somewhere special.

Coffee actually always reminds me of my church’s youth group growing up. Being with that group is one of my fondest memories of my high school years, and coffee was our thing. We’d be going somewhere, or on a trip, or coming back, (or pretty much anywhere, who am I kidding), and we’d make a Starbucks stop. My youth pastor and his wife would make it for us any time we were over at their house (which was all the time), and they always had the best flavored creamers. I think it got to the point where they knew exactly how some of us liked our coffee and would just bring it out without asking.

This print was created for one of my best friends (Brigitta), who spent an insane amount of time with me at Paul and Gen’s. We totally took advantage of their hospitality and were often oblivious to their tiredness or their poor kids needing to go to bed. (Sorry Paul and Gen, I really don’t know how you guys did it sometimes!) Now Brigitta has the cutest little apartment of her own and is slowly decorating it as she acquires furniture and gets crafty. For one of her walls, she split a huge map into three pieces and put them over canvases above her couch. I’m totally jealous and will definitely be doing that myself someday!

I created this for her kitchen as a Christmas gift with a quote she had pinned on Pinterest. She’d told me that she wanted to make a corner of her [lovely, spacious] kitchen into a coffee bar, so what better to decorate with but some really cute wall art? And the funny thing is, she received two other unique wall prints/decorations from friends for Christmas. So no excuses Brigitta, you have to get that coffee bar going!

Coffee Is .... with Frame


And this print is now available on my store! Find it here. Hope you coffee lovers enjoy it!



Happy Birthday, Mom! An Exodus 15:2 Print

In honor of my mom’s birthday tomorrow (January 18), I thought I’d share what Brett and I gave her as a Christmas present. As most of our family and friends know, she hasn’t had the easiest past few months, and that’s an understatement. More about that here. Needless to say that even though she hasn’t felt like it, she’s been incredibly strong and very inspiring to many, many people.

This verse was one Mom had in the hospital with her, one I read to her often, and one she posted to her Facebook awhile ago. I knew it was a favorite of hers, and even though we didn’t “do presents” with my parents this year, it was something Brett and I still wanted to do for her.


I don’t normally work with images like this in the background, but this time I wanted something with color and something inspiring. What better than a sunrise or sunset?

MomIt took me a few tries to get the text just how I wanted it (as is the normal process for design). My first thought was “bold”, but when the letters blocked out so much color, I re-thought the whole thing. Outlined letters to the rescue! It turned out exactly how I wanted it, which was great. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, and it just takes a lot more experimenting and tweaking and obsessing. Good thing I love doing what I do!

This is one of my favorite prints that I’ve made. It’s available in my store here, so check it out!

Love Languages

I do not have an aptitude for languages. There are so many people out there who know English along with their native language, and others who are fluent in more than two languages. It blows my mind that people enjoy learning how to speak other tongues, but I definitely admire them. I took French for three years in high school, and pretty much all I remember is “Je t’aime” and “Tu t’appelle comment”, which I think means “I love you” and “What is your name?” . . . maybe. Don’t quote me on that.

Despite the fact that languages aren’t my “thing”, I really love this design. I started working on this print months ago and only just got around to finalizing it. The idea popped into my head one day when I sat down at my computer: saying “I love you” in a way that celebrates languages and how the world communicates love in a very simple design.

Sometimes I think we forget about the rest of the world. It’s so easy to be self-centered and focused on our own problems and trials. This print will be hanging above my desk shortly (when I print it and find the perfect frame) to serve as a reminder to think about others before myself. So many people are hurting. They don’t have food or clean water or roofs above their heads, no access to modern medicine. The world is so much bigger than me.

1picLoveLangThis print is available at my store! Head on over to check it out.

A First Attempt at Nursery Art

I went to college at a small school in the cornfields of Ohio. They were four of the best years of my life. Not only did I meet my husband, but we made a fantastic group of friends, all of whom we miss so much. A large group of them still live in Ohio, but the rest are spread across the U.S., from New Jersey to Kentucky to South Dakota. It’s so much fun whenever we’re able to get together with any of them, and even better when it’s a huge group of us. We keep telling ourselves that someday, we’re all going to rent a huge house on a beach or lake and vacation together. We can dream, right?

Anyway, the designs you see below were created for two of our dearest friends, Michelle and Josh. They were the first of our friends to start a family. Ella is three-years-old now, which I still can’t believe, because she was only four months old at our wedding! Time flies. Their second daughter, Avila, was just born this past February. I was a senior in college when Michelle was pregnant, and while a few girls and I threw her a baby shower through the mail (since she and Josh were living in Seattle then), I was clearly not smart enough at the time to do something special. So when Michelle was pregnant a second time, I decided I wanted to do something totally unique and special for them. And here they are:

ellaActual avilaActual

Ella’s was almost three years too late by the time I sent these, but . . . better late than never, right? I wanted to make each of them unique to the girl as well. Ella means “light”, and, as Michelle eloquently put it, she was born “as the sun rose” (at 5:33 a.m.) I included that phrase on the banner and added a sun graphic to the bottom without making it overly sun-like. Avila has a few meanings, but one of them is “bird”, hence the graphics at the bottom.

Here’s how Ella’s design appears on my store, slightly changed to include the city (which I’m kicking myself now for not including in the original design!) I also got rid of the sun and the “sun rose” phrase so that any parents who like the design would be able to personalize it however they want for their own child.


And here’s Avila’s design as it appears on my store. Again, I took away a bit of the personalization, but kept the birds at the bottom. Interested customers can choose any animal or object they’d like!


These were my first attempt at nursery art, and I love how they turned out. I like being able to personalize everything I design for specific clients; it’s so much more meaningful that way. I think Josh and Michelle plan on having more children someday, so I guess I’m roped into this for the long haul . . . just kidding. I LOVE doing this stuff.