A Few Vintage-esque Save the Dates

Today I’m sharing a few Save the Dates I’ve made recently. While making these, I was wondering: am I the only designer out there that uses Adobe InDesign for pretty much everything? In college we had classes specifically for Photoshop and Illustrator, but nothing with InDesign. I used the program a lot as an intern at a publishing company, and to me, it just makes so much sense to use for any and all print documents. I’m still using CS2 on my nice old Mac, and InDesign is the only program that lets me package my files. To my non-designer readers, “packaging” files basically means InDesign does the hard work for me: it puts copies of all fonts and images used in my design into a new project folder. That way I will always have the fonts and images, even if they accidentally get deleted from other areas on my computer . . . it’s awesome. Plus InDesign just has a lot of tools for organizing text and making designs ready for printing that just make it preferable to Illustrator.

That’s not to say I don’t use the other programs as well. I use Photoshop for — you guessed it — editing images. I also save all my images for this blog and my store using Photoshop. Illustrator I use . . . almost never. Only for complicated — again, you guessed it — illustrations. InDesign has most of the illustration tools I use, so there’s often no need for Illustrator. It’s all about preferences; I’m sure there are lots of designers who would read this and be shocked. Oh well.

Anyway, about these Save the Dates! Originally we were going for a somewhat vintage look. These four were the first options I showed my client, and none are the final product — in the end, we went with a much more simple text treatment. A couple of these will be available in my store starting today! Enjoy.






Mr. and Mrs. Card

While designing a few different cards for Father’s Day, I realized we had a few weddings to go to this summer. And if I was designing cards, why not design something unique for our gifts as well? Here’s what I came up with:

cardThe idea was something slightly whimsical but elegant as well. I didn’t want a typical wedding scene on the front — you know, a bride in her gown with a groom, a wedding cake, etc. After finding a few inspiration photos, I went with a couple sitting on a bench. To me, it was “cute” without being overly lovey-dovey, and the other line graphics added some fun.

When I design cards, I send them to get printed on cardstock and cut them myself. For the first wedding we went to, I didn’t leave myself enough time to think through the cutting process, and I ended up using a completely dull x-acto knife. Whoops. The edges turned out awful . . . hope you didn’t notice, Jared and Linnea! For the second wedding I was prepared and it turned out much better. I even put my own logo on the back of the card.

“Wedding season” is pretty much over with the end of summer, but for any of you who need a unique wedding card soon, just check it out over on my store!

Wedding Invitations Galore

I just thought I’d pop on here to share some wedding invitations I’ve designed recently. None of them were for anyone specific; I just sat down and created a bunch of unique styles for brides who don’t especially want to go with the “traditional” look. Personally, I love when brides want something a little different . . . the invitations can really set the tone for your entire wedding and show off your personality. I also love using a lot of color, if that’s not evident already:


A modern, text-heavy invitation. Found here in my store. A matching Save the Date is also available!


Simple and elegant, yet still modern in font choices. Found here in my store.


Chevron is a huge trend that’s been around for a little while now. I realize gray isn’t wedding-like at all, but I loved the look of it. Colors are always customizable for every order. Found here in my store.


I wanted to do something that really showcased the date. Yellow and gray are so much fun together (but again, colors always customizable). Found here in my store.


I love this one. It’s about as far from traditional as you can get. I wanted to go for a pretty informal look, with a few different fonts that still work together well, and some elements to “break up” the design without taking away from the overall look. It would look great with a lighter background as well. Found here in my store.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, this one is formal, but in a unique way. I originally had this displayed with a deep red background and all white accents, but it looked too Christmas-y. It would be a great Christmas-time wedding invitation, but I didn’t want to limit its versatility. Found here in my store.


Last but not least, another somewhat formal one. The simple flowers–to me–are modern enough to not look dated, but versatile enough to be used anywhere, traditional or not. Here it really adds to the elegance. Found here in my store.

Thanks for checking them out! I have so much fun creating these. Matching Save the Dates and RSVP cards are always available as well. Contact me to ask about pricing wedding packages!

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was a big wedding weekend around here. Remember this post? Yep, the big event was a few days ago and it was so much fun. It all started last week, when the groom’s brother, Tim, flew in from Kentucky with his wife, Marie. They’re close friends of ours, and the hubby and I had them over for dinner Wednesday night. We had a blast, despite the fact that we still had to wake up Thursday morning and go to work. Real life stinks sometimes, am I right?

Friday night was the rehearsal. Alicia had asked me to be somewhat of a coordinator, mostly just helping out at the rehearsal to make sure everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there. I’ve done this a couple times before, and I have a list I’ll send to the bride a week or two before the rehearsal. It’s a big list. A little overwhelming for a bride who hasn’t thought through any of it yet. Things like, who is walking your maternal grandmother down the aisle? When is the aisle runner being pinned, and by whom? Are there candles that need to be lit before the ceremony? Should the bridal party find their places on the platform right away, or should they stay on the ground level (assuming the ceremony is in a church)? It might seem OCD, but trust me when I say that these things have to be decided before the rehearsal. Otherwise it’s utter chaos. Of course, smaller weddings are sometimes a different story.

Luckily, Alicia actually replied to my super long email (kudos, Alicia!) and she had thought through pretty much everything. We only had to make a few changes once we were actually at the rehearsal. The longest part was probably spacing the entire bridal party across the platform evenly and then figuring out the timing of the processional. It can get confusing with four sets of grandparents and two mothers that need to be walked down the aisle, sometimes by a groomsman/usher who had just walked someone else down the aisle. We ran through everything about three times until it seemed decently smooth. I only had to yell, “Michael! STAY!” from the back of the sanctuary to the front once, when the groom started to climb the platform instead of staying on the ground level. And props to Marie and my sister-in-law, Lindsay, for being stand-in grandmothers at the rehearsal when we didn’t have the real people there with us.

Did I mention it was pouring rain Friday? Like a monsoon, all day . . . I think it had finally stopped when we left the church to go to the rehearsal dinner, but otherwise it poured. It was humid and sticky, and the church was stuffy. The big day, though, was beautiful! Perfect temperature, sunny, gorgeous. I was a little nervous about the processional (and then the recessional) going smoothly, with various groomsmen/ushers rushing back and forth to seat people. Luckily, I don’t think anyone missed a beat and it was pretty perfect. The only bit of trouble happened before the ceremony when Tim’s rented tuxedo shirt didn’t have a hole for his cuff link. My handy husband, who always has a knife on his person, fixed that problem in about two seconds. The florist also pinned three of the groomsmen’s boutonnieres to the ushers, which meant three groomsmen had nothing until about ten minutes before the ceremony when we finally realized what had happened. It’s the little things that will make it funny later, I guess.

Overall it was a great day (and weekend), and Brett and I so enjoyed being able to help out where we could. Without further ado, here is the invitation I made for them:



I originally sent Alicia images of a bunch of wedding invitations I designed so we could figure out what she liked and disliked. Her favorites had flowers and were very simplistic. Since the bouquets she and her girls would be carrying were all roses, I decided to try out a few different variations on roses. I didn’t like any of them as much as I liked these shaded ones. I used the same font as I had on their Save the Dates, and it took off from there. Here are a few invitations they didn’t choose:




Once Alicia and Mike settled on their invite, it was pretty easy to make a matching RSVP card:


There’s something about getting your own creations in the mail . . . seeing them fully printed and just how you imagined them. I felt that way seeing the programs I made yesterday as well. She wanted to go with the fan idea that’s becoming popular with summer weddings. I had a lot of fun making them to “match” the invitations but be their own design as well:



It was a great, busy weekend. Now we’re gearing up for the next “big” thing: flying out to Ohio this week! We get to spend my birthday and a little time (not enough, unfortunately) with my parents and other family and friends. We can’t wait!