Coffee Is . . . Print

Are you completely, totally addicted to coffee? Multiple cups a day? Black? Sugar? Creamer? I’m what you might call a part-time coffee drinker. I have family members and friends who drink it all day long, day in and day out. I do love coffee (with decent amounts of cream and sugar, thanks for asking), but not five-cups-a-day love. I actually only buy it when we have company, because Brett doesn’t like it and I don’t want to waste money on coffee for myself. And honestly, coffee is more of a treat when I do get to drink a cup, because that normally means I’m with a friend or at my parents’ house in Ohio or somewhere special.

Coffee actually always reminds me of my church’s youth group growing up. Being with that group is one of my fondest memories of my high school years, and coffee was our thing. We’d be going somewhere, or on a trip, or coming back, (or pretty much anywhere, who am I kidding), and we’d make a Starbucks stop. My youth pastor and his wife would make it for us any time we were over at their house (which was all the time), and they always had the best flavored creamers. I think it got to the point where they knew exactly how some of us liked our coffee and would just bring it out without asking.

This print was created for one of my best friends (Brigitta), who spent an insane amount of time with me at Paul and Gen’s. We totally took advantage of their hospitality and were often oblivious to their tiredness or their poor kids needing to go to bed. (Sorry Paul and Gen, I really don’t know how you guys did it sometimes!) Now Brigitta has the cutest little apartment of her own and is slowly decorating it as she acquires furniture and gets crafty. For one of her walls, she split a huge map into three pieces and put them over canvases above her couch. I’m totally jealous and will definitely be doing that myself someday!

I created this for her kitchen as a Christmas gift with a quote she had pinned on Pinterest. She’d told me that she wanted to make a corner of her [lovely, spacious] kitchen into a coffee bar, so what better to decorate with but some really cute wall art? And the funny thing is, she received two other unique wall prints/decorations from friends for Christmas. So no excuses Brigitta, you have to get that coffee bar going!

Coffee Is .... with Frame


And this print is now available on my store! Find it here. Hope you coffee lovers enjoy it!



Mr. and Mrs. Card

While designing a few different cards for Father’s Day, I realized we had a few weddings to go to this summer. And if I was designing cards, why not design something unique for our gifts as well? Here’s what I came up with:

cardThe idea was something slightly whimsical but elegant as well. I didn’t want a typical wedding scene on the front — you know, a bride in her gown with a groom, a wedding cake, etc. After finding a few inspiration photos, I went with a couple sitting on a bench. To me, it was “cute” without being overly lovey-dovey, and the other line graphics added some fun.

When I design cards, I send them to get printed on cardstock and cut them myself. For the first wedding we went to, I didn’t leave myself enough time to think through the cutting process, and I ended up using a completely dull x-acto knife. Whoops. The edges turned out awful . . . hope you didn’t notice, Jared and Linnea! For the second wedding I was prepared and it turned out much better. I even put my own logo on the back of the card.

“Wedding season” is pretty much over with the end of summer, but for any of you who need a unique wedding card soon, just check it out over on my store!